Listen the latest Obnox album, Wiglet (via Stereogum Premiere)!

Sweat-inducing, feverish, anarchic punk chaos characterizes Obnox’s offerings to the masses. The Ohio-based garage-rock entity once again indulges in lawless cosmic dissonance with his latest full-length record, Wiglet, streaming exclusively below ahead of its release next week. The mastermind behind the project, Lamont “Bim” Thomas, is a prolific punk deity of his own; Wiglet is the third full-length record he’s released this year.

The album is rooted on garage-rock foundations, but it spans a multitude of genres, drawing from elements of surf-pop, post-punk, hardcore, and even remnants of hip-hop. Tracks like “Trash” are...

Orgasmo Mental /154: Cazumbi - African Sixties Garage Vol. 1


Down The Road

Save Me

Sospesa Ad Un Filo

Baby I Love You

Knock On Wood

I Want To Be Rich Again

Billy Boom

She Only Wants A Friend



Murder By Contract

Monkey Shine

Eh Bien Mon Ami

Manga Madura

No Money, No Honey

Wish I May

Furtivo Olhar

Krakmen Twist

Riens Des Mots

Muato Wa N'Ginjila


You’re Much Too Proud

I Put A Spell On You

Orgasmo Mental é um programa apresentado e editado por Inês Severino. É emitido no stream da todas as quarta (22h) & sextas (10h) [GMT]. Também é emitido na Rádio Universitária do Algarve - Rua FM.

Stress Jingle/Station ID #34 : OBNOX


There has been many great garage and noise rock bands proliferating since the beginning of this century, but there’s one artist who stands head and shoulders above all the rest, and that is one man soul-punk bomb OBNOX. Since 2011, he has been forging a unique and impressive body of work with nine highly recommended releases which smash punk, noise, rock, soul, pop and hip-hop into a feedback soaked rhythmic roller coaster, the likes of which don’t come around very often. It might look raw but it sounds cooked - behind all the cacophony of gloriously sculpted white noise, there’s a consistent sense of melody and...