ffado.org | Free Firewire Audio Drivers

The FFADO project aims to provide a generic, open-source solution for the support of FireWire based audio devices for the Linux platform. It is the successor of the FreeBoB project.

FFADO is a volunteer-based community effort, trying to provide Linux with at least the same level of functionality that is present on the other operating systems.


Matriz is a Networked Music Performance software. The intended use is allowing real time musical performance of artists in different locations through computer networks. The name “matriz” is portuguese for “matrix” and is inspired on the light and sound matrixes used in music and theater settings.


The software is composed of two components, the client and the configuration server. The client connects to the server over websockets and receives a list of all connected clients. After starting it’s own RTSP stream with audio from the sound card, it spawns an RTSP client for all connected clients, forming a P2P streaming network. For all...

Taking networking music in the context of digital radio as the basis, MATRIZ counted with musicians and computer programmers in a collective work that included two artistic residencies and three public presentations.

Between November of 2015 and May of 2016 the first version of the MATRIZ software was developed, allowing three groups of geographically parted musicians/sound artists to play as an ensemble and in real time. Three tests were done, with the musicians a few meters apart (in the same building, in three separate rooms, sharing the same ethernet connection) and with distancies between them of 150Km to 400Km (Montemor-o-Novo / Porto /...

hotspot poet, by ::vtol::

Autonomous micro-device which distributes wi-fi masked as wireless network, visible at any gadget such as a smartphone or a laptop. The device is automatically renaming its network every 10 seconds, taking as its name various lines of poems by famous poets. The device is using an information channel which is accessible and visible to everyone through mobile devices, thus being a non-standard transmitter of poetry. There is no possibility to connect to this network (which is actually a dummy disconnected from Internet) - the message being the name of the network. If one would leave the wi-fi settings menu open, then gradually,...

World record terrestrial radio transmission - Fraunhofer IAF

“Transmitting the contents of a conventional DVD in under ten seconds by radio transmission is incredibly fast – and a new world record in wireless data transmission. With a data rate of 6 Gigabit per second over a distance of 37 kilometers, a collaborative project with the parti¬ci¬pa¬tion of researchers from the University of Stuttgart and the Karlsruhe Ins¬titute of Technology (KIT) exceeded the state of the art by a factor of 10.