Stress Jingle/Station ID #49: Magik Markers

The Magik Markers are a noise rock band from Hartford, Connecticut. The members Elisa Ambrogio (guitar, vocal), Pete Nolan (drums) and Leah Quimby (guitar) started the band in their basement in 2001. Their debut album, I Trust My Guitar, Etc… was released in 2005 on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label.

Besides their official albums, Peter Nolan (through his Arbitrary Signs imprint) has consistently produced limited release singles, cdr and tape snapshot documents of the Magik Markers studio/4-track recordings and live performances, all with original handmade artwork, intended for a small audience. With...

Stress Jingle/Station ID #48: Roots Manuva

Born in 1972, Rodney Smith aka Roots Manuva is a rapper from Stockwell, South London, England.

Deeply influenced by hip hop (in particular, the incomparable Rakim), sound-system culture and the measured dub poetry of Linton Kwesi Johnson, Rodney  established himself as Roots Manuva in the late 90′s. His work was firmly rooted in dub and ragga but also incorporated much of the trip-hop style often associated with Ninja Tune, the UK imprint that often distributed his Big Dada releases. 

Like more and more modern MC’s, he’s often his own producer, runs his own label, and has his own alter ego (Lord Gosh). An...

Stress Jingle/Station ID #47: Adrian Sherwood

Adrian Maxwell Sherwood was born in 1958 in London. His fascination with jamaican music began at the age of eleven, when he was living in the small town of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

In the mid 1970’s, at the ludicrously early age of seventeen, he co-founded a small distribution company called Carib Gems, selling the records shop to shop from the trunk of his car. They issued fresh jamaican product by the likes of the Twinkle Brothers, Junior Byles, Horace Andy, Delroy Wilson, Prince Far I, Michael Rose and Black Uhuru.

Around 1976 Sherwood began a strong musical relation with jamaican reggae dj Prince Far...

Stress Jingle/Station ID #46: dUAS sEMI cOLCHEIAS iNVERTIDAS

It’s hard to understand how a band that was born in an incidental and improvised way, baptized first with a symbol and later with a strange and unpronounceable name, that possesses such an odd sound, has managed to survive until now.

Born in 2007, dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS (dSCi) have released two EPs (“I” in 2008 and “II” in 2009), a tape (SADITREVNiSAIEHCLOcIMEsSAUdin 2010), a LP (“4″ in 2012), a split-tape (“dSCi/Cangarra” in 2013) and a live recording of their side project of electro-acoustic improvisation (dOISsEMIcIRCUITOSiNVERTIDOS live at Auditório...

Stress Jingle/Station ID #45: FAUST

Faust is a pioneering and influential German rock outfit that blends avant-garde electronics and trippy psychedelia to create a radical musical collage. While contemporaries like Can, Amon Düül II, and Ash Ra Tempel were pushing outward expansively within the confines of what a rock band was capable of, Faust’s radical manipulation of editing, production, and studio trickery combined with their “anything goes” compositional approach resulted in some of the genre’s most vibrantly diverse albums and set them in a class of their own.

Producer/overseer Uwe Nettelbeck, a onetime music journalist, formed Faust in Wumme,...