Rafael Toral + Ryan Jewell @ Damas

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Rafael Toral + Ryan Jewell @ Damas

[Cartaz: Gonçalo Duarte]


De 15 a 19 de Fevereiro vai decorrer na SMUP (Parede) o festival FEM FEST. Uma co-produção da SMUP com a Cultura no Muro que contou com Rui Eduardo Paes como programador, este evento apresenta-se com um cartaz recheado de concertos. Paralelamente, vão haver projecções de curtas e um workshop de Autodefesa Feminina.

Sobre o FEM FEST:

“As músicas urbanas do nosso tempo não só são dominadas por homens como se tornaram tendencialmente machistas, misóginas e chauvinistas. Neste cenário, formar uma banda feminina é por si só um acto de denúncia e de emancipação. O FEM FEST vem demonstrar que há um outro modo de estar na...

Maryanne AmacherCity Links Chicago, sound installation, Chicago, USA, 1974

Pictures from the press release of the Maryanne Amacher: City-Links exhibition, October–November 2010, at Ludlow 38. “City-Links is a series of works that Maryanne Amacher has developed throughout her career, beginning in 1967 with a 28 hour broadcasting of a live mix of eight channel recorded on location in Buffalo.” From PDF file here.

The New Napster: How Sci-Hub is Blowing Up the Academic Publishing Industry

There has been an explosive new development in how scientific research is read and distributed. It’s name is Sci-Hub. Founded in 2011 by Alexandra Elbakyan (who was, at the time, a 22 year-old graduate student based in Kazakhstan), the site has seen a major uptick in the last year. In February 2016, 6M+ scientific papers were downloaded from Sci-Hub,…

CSS coding techniques, by Belén Albeza

CSS frameworks have been around for a while and they have gotten extremely popular in the front-end development scene. These frameworks provide snippets of code you can just copy and paste in your website to craft the whole layout and UI.

You have already probably read a lot of articles about how they might be good for your projects, but here I would like to do the opposite: to highlight some of the drawbacks they might bring to your websites or applications, and how you can avoid or mitigate them. _ Belén Albeza